About Me

Hello my name is Ana Rita.
 I am an 18 years old girl or woman, i will leave that up to your interpretation based on my personality because honestly i think i am one of the most childish people you probably will ever meet.

I created this blog because i felt inspired to do so but i chose lifestyle as my niche for a specific reason. I felt like my life was out of control and most times i would find myself asking "what am i doing of my life?", had a dèjá vu? yes? then this is the perfect place to come to because what i did next is, for me at least, the best answer to the problem.
Minimalism is the answer you are looking for. I am not going to explain to you how my journey was because let's be obvious if you are going to follow this blog you are going to be sick of that story in no time!
Yes that is the main reason why i chose this niche but surely yet slowly i started to fall in love with everything that this niche involves.
I have aquired a lot of hobbies and tastes like photography, reading, drawing, writing and gardening.
This is a Judgment Free Zone. I call it that not only because i truly don't judge so you can share with me here as i am going to share with you to.
I hope you stay here for more because you won't regret it!